The Best Virtual Team Building Activities

Working at home comes with its share of problems. According to full-time remote workers, they record that they get lonely and lose the motivation to keep working. These feelings are brought about due to a lack of coworkers’ physical connection and the change in the working environment. Remote workers agree that there is little or no social bond while working at home, negatively affecting your performance.

To increase employees' productivity while working from home, businesses and organizations develop creative ways to keep their employees motivated.

To increase employees’ productivity while working from home, businesses and organizations develop creative ways to keep their employees motivated. They are investing in virtual team-building activities. These activities are aimed to motivate their employees and create bonds, though online.

Virtual team-building activities provide a break from the usual screen time and engage the employees breaking the monotony of work, which is ideal. We will focus on some virtual team-building activities that you should consider to improve your productivity while working remotely.

Group Chat Socializing

Talking about work every time can be boring for many people. A good ice breaker from the serious stuff is good at drawing you a bit from your work. You can have simple conversations with your team members. Share what you had for lunch, call one another by your nicknames, and a joke or two wouldn’t be bad. Such conversations enable you to bond with your workers bringing about the necessary collegiality while working as a team.

Messy-desk Face-offs

Working at home comes with some freedom as you are not sharing your working space. You can concur that there are some people at work whose desks are always clean and neatly arranged. Funny enough, this is not always the case while working from home. You can decide on one evening to have a snick preview of your desks, and I’m certain that you will be surprised. Some of the least expected people have messy desks at home. This game is a nice activity for you to have some nice bonding and tease one another.

Guess the Emoji Board

You can decide to have a competition in which you guess each other's best emojis

Most of you, if not all, use emojis while texting. For some people, if you send them a text without an emoji, they’d think it’s dry. You can decide to have a competition in which you guess each other’s best emojis. You send a list of all players to all participants to guess their colleagues’ favorite emoji. You’ll be surprised by some of the picks that you will get. This activity is a good bonding experience as you will tell what other people perceive you. You can have a prize for the one who gets the correct guesses, say a lunch treat, or something of the sort.

Two Truths and a Lie

In this game, you have each of you mention three things about themselves, and you let your colleagues guess which two statements are correct and which one is a lie. When everyone is done, you reveal the lie. You can then have scores for each of you and have a prize, say for the top three. This game lets you share some of your attributes and hobbies in a fun way. You get to know one another and have some good bonding time.

Bucket list Sharing

Bucket list sharing is an activity in which you share some of the things you would want to engage in at any point in your life. You can let one person share their bucket list, say every Friday. This activity is a nice way to learn about some of your colleagues’ ambitions and aspirations. It makes you have some connection with those around you, and it can even motivate some of you to work towards their dreams.

It is important to note that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Consider engaging in some of these team-building activities to enhance your productivity and bond with your colleagues.