The 3 Best Time Tracking Apps

You can agree that there are several distractions while working from home. For instance, you might feel the urge to check your social media platforms, stream your favorite shows from your computer, or even play that game that you can’t get your hands off. Besides, you might be comfortably seated on your couch or still in your bed with your pajamas. And that’s how procrastination sets in without you even knowing.

The application software records your business hours which your employer can monitor.

Lucky for you, developers have come up with time tracking apps to help you manage your time while working from home. These apps monitor the time you spend on a particular task. The application software records your business hours which your employer can monitor. This monitoring, in turn, improves your time management and productivity. That being said, we will have an in-depth look at three outstanding time tracking apps.

1. Toggle track

This application comes almost free. You can use it on your android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Web, and even browse extensions. Toggle is easy to use as it does not require you to enter specific details before you start timing. You can go ahead and start your time, and then you can enter the other details later.

Toggle can be used as an extension when you are using Chrome or Firefox browser, and it can pop up on other apps like Google Docs. The app is flexible enough as it automatically starts or stops depending on whether your browser is open or not. Toggle detects when your computer is idle and does not record the time that you away from your computer. If you are working on a serious project, you can time yourself and even set break intervals using the app. With these amazing features, you should consider going for this app.

2. Harvest

If you are working as a team, harvest can be a good pick for you. The app is designed to handle collaborative work, which the team leader can monitor. Everyone in your team needs to install the app on their devices which are then liked to the administrator’s account. You can use the app offline, and it reminds you to submit your timesheets to your team leader.

Interestingly, the app has a sync dashboard across devices which enables you to shift from one device to another. This feature is advantageous for those who work with multiple devices. You, therefore, do not need to start another time when you change your device.

3. Everhour

Everhour is an time tracking app that also allows employers to track their workers' availability

Everhour is another good time tracking app that syncs with other productivity apps. It is supported by apps such as Asana, Basecamp, Teamwork Projects, Trello and few other apps. With this feature, all the projects you have done with the other apps show up on Everhour. This feature makes the app flexible to use once it syncs with other apps. The sync feature adds a timer button on the web-based app that you decide to use, allowing you to start or stop the recording in the said app.

The app also allows employers to track their workers’ availability. The employees enter the maximum amount of hours they can be available in a week. The employer then allocates work according to the employee’s availability. Besides, the team leader can see what each member is doing, and a summary of the project being worked on is projected on a live dashboard.

If you want to remain focused and manage your time well while working remotely, consider using a time tracking tool. It is now up to you to choose your preferred time tracking tool based on your needs and circumstances.